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Foods Eaten in Georgetown, Guyana

One of the most interesting things about Guyana was the food. Here`s what we ate:

Wednesday lunch: Coalpot Restaurant. 1 plate of calaloo (spinach-based dish with garlic and onions), channa (chick pea dish with onions) and Spanish rice for G$600 (US$3) and 1 plate of chicken curry, channa and Spanish rice for G$720 (~US$3.60). Delicious, huge and filling, and cheap!

Guyanese food

Thursday lunch: 1 bhaigan (eggplant) ball, 1 potato ball and 2 puri (like flour tortillas with lentils inside) for G$280 (~US$1.75) from one stall in Stabroek Market and a small bunch of sweet bananas from another for G$180 (~US$0.75). Super cheap and super yummy! Where else could you get lunch for two for under US$2.50?

Thursday dinner: Shanta’s The Puri Shop. 1 plate with dahl, rice and coconut choka (like a small ball of finely grated coconut mixed with spices? Different from anything I’ve ever had) for me and 1 plate of dahl, rice and mango curry for Toby. About US$6 each and very yummy!

Friday lunch: Jerry’s. 1 cheese pie, 4 pulari (fried dough balls that the waitres said de of split peas but didn’t taste like much of anything), rice, 1 cheese roll, 1 beef pie, 1 bread-thing-I-don’t-remember-the-name-of, channa, curry chow mein and a small amount of macaroni salad with raisins, accompanied by 1 bottle of mango-carrot juice and 1 bottle of orange-carrot juice. About US$12 total much food to finish for both of us (we saved the bread for the next day).

Friday dinner: back to Shanta’s The Puri Shop. I had rice with bora (a long green bean local to the area), potato and shrimp and a glass of ginger-passion fruit juice and Toby had rice with pumpkin curry and a glass of cane juice.  Again about US$12 for both of us and very good. Her curry and my juice were the hits of the evening!

We also went back to Stabroek Market and got a glass of mauby juice to drink that afternoon (NOT good! Kind of like apple cider vinegar and flat soda…yum?) and 5 potato balls (they were so good we wanted to go back for more that we could bring with us on the ride to Suriname) for G$300 (US$1.50).

In short, very diverse food from many different cultures, super yummy and inexpensive!  It was our favorite part of Guyana! 🙂

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