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Google World Wonders Project

This is so cool!!!

Did y’all know about the Google World Wonders Project? Google Street View is going places. For those of you stuck in one place, you can travel virtually to some cool places all around the globe.

For example, take a virtual walk around Ouro Preto, Brazil, where I spent Carnaval!

And check out a few of my pictures from Ouro Preto below!

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Back from the Void

Hi all!

Sorry I have been MIA. I meant to write a post a long time ago to let you know that I had decided not to update this blog while I was traveling, since I felt like spending lots of time in internet cafes was taking me away from experiencing all I could while there.

Instead, I sent travel tweets from my ipod whenever I stayed somewhere with WIFI (Check out the latest few tweets on the sidebar or follow @RubyTravels to look back through the whole journey) and wrote postcards home from each city I went to. I collected them all upon my return and now that I’m back and more settled I will be scanning them in and posting each as a one-picture-short-entry post cataloging where I went, what I saw, what I did and how I felt about it.  So stay tuned!

Additionally, as soon as I get a new computer I will be starting to compile all my photos and video clips from the trip into little travel videos which I will post. This way, you can experience a little bit more of the places that the postcards give a taster of.

And finally, I’m also excited to start using this blog to highlight cool travel deals, travel websites and others’ travel blogs. So even though I’m back in the States, this blog can still keep those interested in travel connected to me and to the World  Beyond!

Thanks for following and showing your support!



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