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Argentine Holidays (and hello again)

Hi folks!

Well, I kind of fell off the posting band wagon. I was without internet for a while, then wanted to process where I´d been and what I´d seen, then didn´t feel like I could catch up on everything so didn´t write at all.  I´ve decided that this cannot be a chronological blog. Instead, I´m going to post right now about what is going on right now. Perhaps in the future on a rainy day when I feel more like staying in an internet cafe than running around a new city I will get back to those other posts. But for now, enjoy some information I picked up about Argentine holidays while interrogating some new Argentine friends in Rosario, Argentina (Yes, the Rosario where Che Guevarra grew up).

Argentine Holidays (in no particular order):

1. Flag Day. This is a holiday that is celebrated in Rosario since it is where the Argentine flag was born. People from all over the country bring bits of blue or white or gold cloth and all of them are sewn into a giant patchwork Argentine flag–the biggest flag in the world–which is paraded through the streets up to the flag monument.

2. Mother´s Day. Celebrated differently in each family, but it is a day to honor mothers.

3. Father´s Day. See above, but honors fathers.

4. Children´s Day. See above, but to honor children. On this day, families do whatever the kids want.

5. Lover´s Day. Celebrated in June, this is a day for lovers to honor each other. It takes more planning than the Hallmark holiday Valentine´s Day which is also celebrated by some but only by giving a card or flowers.

6. St. Patrick´s Day. Only celebrated by Irish and English pubs.

7. Independence Day. A day that you get off from school or work, but no one does much of anything.

8. Sweets Week. During the week you give a candy or sweet to your friends. Only one sweet need be given to each friend, not one per day.

9. Friends Day. Actually celebrated for a whole week, this is a time when you go out to a bar and hang out with your friends, with a different friend group on each day. Family and significant others not invited.

10. Christmas Eve. Dinner with your family and family time til around 2 AM, followed by going out with your friends.

11. New Year´s Eve. Same as above.

We may also have talked about some more holidays, but that´s all I can remember for the moment. Cheers!

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