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One blog to rule them all

I’ve decided that instead of starting one blog for one trip, a new one for the next, doing the next trip via mass email updates, and another via scanned postcards to a flickr account, etc., I should start a non-trip-specific blog that can encompass everything past and future related to my accounts of my travels.  It’s broad, I know.  But I think that ultimately it will make things simpler.

So at some point I will get around to uploading pictures of all the postcards I sent during my 2005 Northern Harmony Europe trip, pull over the few posts from my Peach Among Kiwis 2009 NZ trip blog, post the mass emails I sent from my 2006 semester in Senegal and 2003 trip to South Africa, and all the travel tweets from my various trips this year.  But for now, stay posted here for updates from my upcoming trip around South America January 17-May 22, in whatever form they take!  Adventure ho!

Happy Travels!


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